Jer & Hayden

sometimes God gives you dear, darling friends just when you need them most.

sometimes they need you most too.

i adore this gal, this dear, darling, precious, gem of a friend. she is one of those "for-life" pals, those peeps you keep in touch with and send all memorabilia in the form of sloths and pugs. the kind of strong, fiercely loyal, absolute & fool-hardy sisters that is full of the toughest kind of jesus lovin'. these two were made for each other and gosh-darn-it-all i'm too dang happy i got to be a part of your wedding day a little over a year ago and get to meet & befriend you guys.

thanks for being legit. 2 legit 2 quit.

got a few star wars socks, bolos, & early blooms to kick off texas' spring in this month of march. showing off this lil' prelude post to their epic turner falls shoot in two weeks. kinda freaking out over that. here's to sundays & happy eyeballs & lovers in spring.

this lil' cutie is also the creative lady behind the unique, local, artistic photography stella + g photo. check her out my peeps, you're gonna dig it. like real good.