Lui & Jess

you know those days when they don't feel like they have enough hours in them? those days where you just wanna pick them up, swing them around, and squeeze every single minute out of them like the last sweet droplets from a sun-ripened orange.

this was one of those days.

that's why i'm pretty darned tootin' amped that these two decided to not only have their wedding day, but a little extra slice of cake afterward. couples, if you want more than just 30 minutes of you & your babe all dressed up in your wedding garb, then let's do a day-after session like these two killer fireballs did.

jess & lui are one of a freakin' kind & dang their wedding getup just goes to show how stinkin' cool this couple is. shivering from excitement and all of the answered prayers from the Lord (praise Him for this delicious golden sunshine!) we shot until the sun went down.

congrats again mr. & mrs. moreno, you two really are one ridiculously rad couple & i'm glad we are friends. XOXO