Jel & Zachary

this. this was one of those days that gets the heart beating. the pulse racing. the knees falling to the ground. one of those days that starts off with not-so-heart-friendly chicken fried steak, gravy, coffee, green chiles, hash browns, and salsa. one of those days that is just all kinds of cloudy (the first portion of jel & zachary's shoot in the mountains will be up on the blog soon!) & as we are driving down the winding paths from Ruidoso to White Sands National Monument, the clouds break, the sky opens up, & the glory of the Lord almighty shows through & brings the most absolutely breathtaking sunshine. you know He's on our side when that happens. goodness, it was just like walking into a desert-filled dreamscape.

yuccas, sand, dancing, sunshine, & lovers, who could ask for more?


i'm in love & wanna share this love w you. click that pretty lil' button below & listen up as marika hackman lulls you w the beauty of jel & zach in white sands, new mexico.