Zach & Em

zach & emily's wedding, whew-ee, what good good day all the heck around. there was a hundred-year-old family heirloom with a hand written note which described each bride of the family who had worn the necklace for her wedding. a little farmhouse built in 1899 only to be made into a poetically charming setting for their moment. history was written alllllll over this day, and the dang biggest part of it was the newest piece of history to be made when zach & em said their i-do's. oh wow. my heart. happy tears, misty eyes, and half-laughter filled with the riches of downright God-centered joy. 

the warmth of the november sun in texas shown brightly through the golden, changing leaves for zach & emily's wedding. it was one of those days, one of those incredible, oh-so-love-filled days. the smiles, the ear-to-ear flat out cheeses & all the while i felt like one of the family.

i've known this girl since junior-high, so it was a darned tootin' honor to be a part of their big day. gotta say, the love they share for one another is really something else. it's that special somethin' made up of the dreamiest of true love.

here's to you mr. & mrs. rhyner, cheers & a million happy days to the both you.

what's a wedding without a bride & groom obsessed with star wars? props to the groomsman that brought two legit lightsabers (i mean of course they aren't actual lightsabers) but who doesn't wanna dream, amiright? 

venue: 1899 farmhouse, wedding & event venue

and allllllll of the high fives, salted caramel, mocha lattés to my main gal pal brynna elzey of brynna isabell photography for being my kick butt second shooter on this day. check her out my peeps, she's one mean photography machiiiine.