BOUDOIR. ladies! this is for you. any of my current, past, or future brides, or all of you who may be interested in doing a boudoir session with us, keep reading! if you are the adventurous bombshell that we believe you are, we want to hear from you. we have limited spots available for this type of session and you must, dare i say you are required, to send us an "about me" email giving us the deets on who you are and why you want to book kmp for your boudoir shoot.

PS. sorry to all of the fellas, but we aren't accepting any applications for dude-doir shoots at this time, but thanks for thinking of us!

THE LOW DOWN. how does it work? you and i talk over the details and get the ideas flowing. so these types of shoots are all about being comfortable in your beautiful, natural skin, covered or not, but being safe and secure as well. all boudoir & intimate sessions will take place in a secure location of either the client(s)' choosing. it can be in your home, a rad bnb, my beautiful minimalist apartment or anywhere we can both get behind. during the shoot, i can have wine or mixed drinks on hand if that's your kind of thing to help with nerves, but i pretty much always have salsa music playing in the background. it just seems, right. visit the FAQ page for anymore questions ladies!


BOUDOIR & INTIMATE SESSIONS. so lemme give it to ya square here people. i work hand and foot to get those images back to you quickly. that's what kat malone photo is known for. i know each of you brings something special and unique only to you to the table and i most definitely want to give you the full experience so i will work my little tail off to get you the quality you are worthy of having. typical portrait sessions have a turn-around-rate of 3-4 weeks and you will receive all of the artistically, hand-edited photos in a personalized, private, online gallery to share with personal printing rights.

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