LET'S MAKE THIS MAGIC HAPPEN. as a recently married lady, i totally get that wedding photography can be a really big investment, so let's be real and and get to know each other so i can show you the reason why it is worth investing more into your photographers. your big day is worth sharing and isn't something you want to forget, but why not make it more than just average photos to help you remember the event? let's write that story together so you will want to read and show it off again and again and again.

ART IS WHAT I AIM FOR. i'm all about getting to know you so when i go to capture your big day, it'll be personal and all about you. you've got that somethin' special that makes you that fun, quirky person you are, so i'm going to make you shine on your day.


FIRST LOOK. say couples, do y'all want more than 10 minutes' worth of portraits of just you and your babe? and if you want killer shots, from locations all over the local area before the ceremony, then LISTEN UP! with a first look, you two will get to have that precious, precious moment when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day, all to yourselves. i'm there, eating up every soft embrace, the tears, the laughter, you name it. you get me for as long as we can allot, usually an hour or two, and have a dang good time. i promise you won't want to miss out on this opportunity.


it's because of just how dang fantastic every single one of my couples is that i want to treat each of your big days as a work of art & a story to be told. your day is full of beautiful magic so i only offer full wedding day coverage. this means your wedding is so darn special, i will be there through every single moment. as soon as the bride gets ready, to the romantic portraits between you two, the ceremony, the formal portraits, the reception, all the way until the fireworks go off & you go home with your newlywed honey. i'll be by your side, all day, cheering you on as you take your best friend as your own. 

i can't wait to see you and your honey say "i do."



WEDDINGS. it takes some time to sift through the 1200-2000+ images i take per wedding, and i really want to get that special day back to you, but with a little loving time spent on each frame. i only promise top-notch quality baby, so i am going to pour my little heart into your photos to give you the stellar photographs you deserve. i like to get those photos in your hands fast so all of our clients will be happy little ducklings. if i plan on blogging your wedding, then typically i will work to get either a mini or full wedding day blog post finished and blogged within a 4-6 week time frame, so you can get excited all over again. 

full wedding packages are usually finished and in front of your eyeballs by 8-10 weeks. but since i want you to be singing from the rooftops when you get your wedding in your hands, some weddings can take up to 12 weeks. typical photo amount varies for each particular wedding, on average the number falls between 650-850+ depending on the length of the wedding day. again this is subjective. all wedding photos come on a custom kat malone photo USB ready to share with personal printing rights. this means you have the rights to share & print your photos at will, just no filters, edits, or added effects to your photos. this goes for all photos taken
& edited by yours truly. 


So darlings, ya ready to make that magic happen?

gosh i want to meet you, make that personal connection & write a story worth sharing. so let's don those weddin' shoes & GET TO IT.



MY CLIENTS WANT MORE THAN TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. gosh do i love love love what i do. and sheesh i love my clients to the moon and back. i want more than anything to meet you and shoot with you and gosh darn it become friends with you when this is all said and done. i want to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. show you off as the perfect little you, that you are. and because i work so hard to make you shine, my work only comes as the final, fully-edited product, so raw images aren't something we ever hand out to y'all, because you deserve the best. if you don't know what raw images are, don't worry about it, you're golden. so let's get together and make something more than photography, let's make art.

to book, kat malone photo requires
a signed contract & a 50% retainer