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Here's One About Me.



Here's One About Me.

Kat Malone

i posted this introduction in my facebook group sister photogs, but i thought it might be nice for anyone to read, so here goes!

oh hai it’s me! just wanted to give a little (ahem super long) introduction post since i haven’t done one of these on here in awhile. so here goes! (don’t mind me, i love writing so it’s going to be a long one).

i’m kind of a weird mix of super outgoing, and don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me. basically i’m a cat, so my nickname works out well for me. i’m one of those people who will only hang out with groups of people if that includes 4 or less peeps. if I know you, it means I probably walked up to you on the street and said hi and we talked for hours after that (this is literally how i met my closest friend in college). if you know me, you know i’m obsessive about the cleanliness/style/design/minimalism of my house and that everything, and i mean all of the weird ram’s horns, fossil teeth, fox skulls, ostrich eggs, 6 foot tall cactus, brass pineapples, black and white everything has a place. don’t move it. my husband just lets it be, and he’s the architect between us two…so yeah. left in denton, tx & right in white sands national monument, new mexico

oh and that reminds me! i’m married, and we’ve been together for going on 5 years (married for a total of 1!) and during that time we’ve gone through his father passing away, as well as losing my own grandfather. we’ve been through the entire star trek universe, as well as friends, home improvement, 30 rock, parks and rec, and the office, going on possibly 9-10 times each. per show. we don’t have cable people.

on that note (because netflix was kind of the only way i survived art school) i went to art school, so i’m technically trained as a professional artist (watercolor, ink work, and ceramics, holla!), and i’ve just picked up photography as i’ve gone along. i’ve painted and created my entire life. i really don’t think it’s something i will ever live without. even if the good Lord above decides to teach me to paint without sight, i know He will assist me. in bishop arts district, dallas, tx

also, i’m a believer. a big time, big fat, loves you in the gut, all the way, no-way-josé-are-you-ever-getting-rid-of-me-lover-and-friend-for-life. i love me some Jesus, and my beliefs in Him are the simple straight from the bible lovin’s. to love my fellow man as He loves us, and to do the only thing He asked: “follow me.” 

if you know me, like really, really know me, you know i just love. and not that cheesy kind of love, you know it. you feel it. i’m a “in it to win it” kind of gal. i'm that hug your neck too tight kind of pal. once you have me as a friend, girlfran you ain’t gettin’ rid of me. i love harder and because of that i fall big time. wearing my heart on my sleeve is an actual thing for me, and because of that, i sure do give it my all. 

Left: in iceland //
Right: phone shot just after i got my first tattoo by

i struggle with anxiety and depression. i always have, and i always will. i have the absolute single most loving man i could have ever been placed with, but it sure does suck sometimes. but trust me when I say i love you peeps and i’m there with ya in your deepest darkest moments. buuuuuut I’m also the biggest clutz/goofball i know. i can be crazy serious when i need to be, and fall over without so much as a crack in the pavement. 

i’m kind of more than a little obsessed with plants. and dinosaurs. i could tell you the craziest, weirdest, most inane facts about the most random things, and i have the most bizarre thoughts all the time. also i’m crazy about grammar, though i’m not as weird about it when i’m writing personal memoirs, oddly enough. at tent rocks national monument, new mexico


some people claim they love to travel, i don’t think they understand how much i love it. i have this crazy deep, longing desire in my heart to see, feel, smell, and experience new places, pretty much all the time. i get actual chills all over my body remembering the first light of dawn peeping over the mountains while sipping the dregs of my coffee i made in a nalgene bottle, sitting atop one of the largest mesa’s in Utah, marveling at this gorgeous world we live in. Or running from the rental car to get out of the constant misting, cloud-covered, mood-filled, icelandic weather on my honeymoon, the aroma of some of the best hot kafí on earth mixing with the smells and sounds of Reykjavík and it’s heart warming people. 

cooking is seriously so much fun to me. the spicier the better. i do love baked goods, but i can even mess up a boxed recipe. i’m kind of the worst at baking! Thankfully Michael is loads better at it than i. also donuts are life.

Left: phone shot by at sólheimasandur in iceland //
Right: in bishop arts district, dallas, tx

i’m from texas, yes i say y’all, and no i don’t have a texan accent. i have what i have astutely titled “city accent” and y’all just happens to be an included word. 

i love to write, i love to experience. i love to love. it’s sincerely my deepest and most heart felt desire to love more, stronger than i can, and that’s why i wanted to make the sisterhood community group for photographers & creatives. that’s why i wanted to build the foundation for something so.much.more. we were made to love and to give and to share. that’s why i give my heart to you all now, that you might know a little slice of me, my heart, my love. 

xo xo,

PS. i love cats. 
PSS. my nickname is kat. it’s what i go by.
PSSS. if you read this whole thing, BRAVO! please leave your favorite emoji in a comment below

here's one of the only selfie's my hubs & i have ever taken. we're wearing our
matching arc'teryx jackets in front of the glacier lagoon in iceland, jökulsárlón.