bright summer light faded into long evening shadows as we danced to the sound of leaves rattling on the tops of stunted post oaks & withering long grasses of yet another nearly finished summer. as the sweat dripped from our brows and the wind brushed the sweet scent of the dregs summer across our cheeks, we laughed until our faces hurt and made new & wonderful friendships. 

surrounded by flower-riddled fields i found my dear new friends in jessi & brynna. again, i couldn't have been more stoked to get to hang with these two peeps, but to shoot with them as well? gosh, i sure do feel blessed. (all the high-fives to my girl jessi of jessi marie photography for putting this dang good thang together).

brynna, you are a one of a kind, gem. thank you for allowing us to capture your precious, doe-like soul. you already are the most beautiful bride, your man is darn tootin' lucky. i loved everything about this night. french fries & all. dang.

dropping deep into the darkest evening shadows, i bid thee goodnight and good & lovely thoughts as you listen along to the soft & gentle hues of foreign fields and are swayed along into this painterly, yummy, eventide.

more high-fives to all of the magical vendors who made this shoot possible:

gown: the blushing bride boutique
florals: colleyville florist
ring: march jewelers 
bride: brynna elzey of brynna isabell photography

and of course to the wonderful jessi marie for setting this whole shindig up.
you rock lady thang. 
xo xo