lunden & danny

misty, dreary, drizzly, moody mornings full of the first whispers of a new day. the earliest of lights peeping through a grey, cloud-filled sky. there was talk in the trees of fall, but the cold came late this year to texas. engulfed in nature, lunden, daniel & yours felt truly complete in its embrace. tangible goosebumps spread across my shoulders and arms as we strode through the underbrush, dried pine needles softly crunching beneath our feet, the slightly sweetened smell of must rising from fallen leaves.

the reality of this day was these two drove all night to do this early morning sunrise session with me, and i can't tell you how honored i am that they were ready to do this. to do drive all night, hike through the trees, and ultimately jump in the water, they are truly a remarkable pair. i'm kind of amazed with where my life is going right now. the people i meet: utterly enjoyable, beyond adorable, extremely loving, adventurous, let's-do-anything, down right good people, AND i get to be friends.with.them. i mean, who even understands how incredibly rich & surreal that is? i am so beyond thankful & crazy blessed to have these two as my partners in crime on this day. thanks for bringing the fire & spice.

this is one of those sessions i will never forget, the pure dreamy, golden-dewy, morningness of it all. and that's why i'm throwin' it wayyy back to one of my absolute favorite songs of all time by one of my good ole junior high favs: death cab. 

love these two. love 'em love 'em love 'em.
can't wait to see y'all in march. XOXOXO

thanks for being my most adventurous couple yet, here's to a million, billion years of happiness & love for you two. XOXO.