tony & taylor

good ole coffee houses dressed up in modern attire, sleek, minimal designs. brass, natural wood, white walls, & pretty textures. & of course the delicious smell of goodgoodgood coffee and dang good company. 


it was as if i had met them already, i mean taylor & i had been friends over social media for awhile now, and of course we have been working together to help mold our photography group into something wonderful, but this was just the icing on top. a sincerely bad-to-the-bone, gorgeous soul. one of those, gosh-i'm-so-glad-i-get-to-be-friends-with-her kind of people. and tony? just the cherry to our friendship. you two--genuine spirits & perfect for each other & downright too cool.

let's get to it. here's to some of the coolest peeps i know, with the hearts of lions for christ, & the greatest sense of style & a million more ear-to-ear smiles. XOXO.

thank you to houndstooth & the belmont hotel on sylvan & fort worth ave for being the best backdrops and most unique spaces in good ole dally to shoot. your people are great, and your coffee even greater.